When bookings and payments go together.

Terminals included in the package

Terminals included in the package.

To make selfcare an easier and better experience with Melumi, you can also get your own Melumi payment terminal for your business. By choosing a Melumi payment terminal, we can ensure that bookings and payments are better connected & streamlined. We can give you the best price on the market on the same subscription as the booking system. Because when it’s easy for you, it’s also easy for your customers.

Online payment for website.

You can also have online payment integrated into your website, so that the customer can complete the payment at the same time as they book online. Melumi will work further in 2023 to make payment an integral part of your booking system and your customer’s booking experience, so that your revenue is better connected to the number of bookings

Do you have any questions before you start?

If you have any doubts about setup, payment, package solution or anything else before you get started, you are welcome to write to our sales team