Melumi Stars.

The Melumi Star program is focused on working together with selected shops around the country, to improve brand awareness and marketing of the individual shop – ultimately resulting in increased & consistent revenue.

Melumi Stars are defined as shops with a clear defined brand, they provide a unique experience for their customers and they are digital-first and active on Melumi app.

Nail Expert.

Melumi Star

Nail Expert invites current clients as well as new clients, into their cozy nail salon right in the heart of Copenhagen. The owner Lilya loves her craft and after getting postive feedback from clients she was inspired to strengthen her expertise even more.

Nail Expert’s motto is comfort, quality and  affordable prices. They always strive for creating the best result, listening to the clients personal needs and focus on making the treatment a space for selfcare in a stressfull everyday life.

Wanted Hair & Beauty.

Melumi Star

Wanted Hair & Beauty’s mission is to provide a welcoming environment where their customers are the focus. The team consists of highly educated hairdressers, cosmetologists, and nail technicians who prioritize perfection and professionalism.

They offer treatments that they stand behind completely, having personally tested each one. Their product selection only includes those which they believe are the best on the market.

Wanted Hair & Beauty believe that nurturing your outer appearance can enhance your inner beauty, promoting well-being for both body and mind.


Melumi Star

SSKIN COPENHAGEN is a beauty brand created by passionate artists who love natural beauty. They believe the best results are the ones that make people wonder if it’s your natural beauty.

They say, “We like talking about things that people usually don’t, because it helps break down barriers.”

They’re always looking for new ways to make people feel beautiful, whether it’s through new techniques, current trends, or timeless beauty ideas. They’re obsessed with beauty, whether it’s natural or enhanced, and their top goal is to make you feel beautiful.

Magic Touch.

Melumi Star

Magic Touch is a unique hair salon and barbershop. Over the past decade, they’ve received a lot of positive feedback. At Magic Touch, you’ll receive more than just a haircut or a well-groomed beard; they aim to create a memorable experience for you.

Their shop is designed with your personal comfort in mind. As soon as you walk in, you’ll step into a nostalgic space with classic, old-school décor. While you relax in comfort, they go above and beyond to pamper you.


Melumi Star

Avénique provides laser treatments, botox, fillers, fat freezing, and tattoo removal. As a specialized clinic in the cosmetic industry, they prioritize client safety and quality. Their healthcare staff is committed to ensuring top-notch equipment, treatments, and safety measures.

Belonging to the healthcare sector, Avénique undergoes regular oversight by the Danish Society for Patient Safety, which monitors their treatments. This commitment to regulation and their team of specially trained staff and specialist doctors at Avénique ensures your safety and peace of mind during their treatments.

Beauty by Kiis.

Melumi Star

Beauty by Kiis is a well-regarded clinic staffed by professional specialists from Ukraine. Their core values include excellent service, top-notch quality, and creating a positive atmosphere in a welcoming new setting. The salon is equipped to perform multiple treatments simultaneously, allowing you to save both time and money, thanks to their innovative approach of parallel treatments.

A unique offering at Beauty by Kiis, not commonly found in Denmark, is their underwater full-body massage. They prioritize eco-friendly practices and exclusively use professional eco-friendly products for their treatments.

Beauty Trips.

Melumi Star

BeautyTrips is a prominent player in Denmark’s medical tourism industry. They prioritize personalized beauty, safety, attentiveness, and enhancing clients’ self-esteem.

Recognizing that clients often value the end result the most, BeautyTrips places great emphasis on ensuring that the entire journey, from start to finish, is a positive experience, not just the final outcome. They never make any compromises when it comes to client safety, making it a top priority and a guarantee of their professionalism and commitment to providing secure services.