Features you need.

The booking system with an app & payment terminal

Intuitive calendar – connected to the Melumi app.

See your bookings come into an easy and user-friendly calendar. Drag and drop bookings into the calendar, and your customers are automatically informed via email and in the Melumi app. You can also see bookings in the booking system that come from the Melumi app, and keep an eye on new customers who have found your business. We work to optimize your calendar as much as possible, so that you can focus more on the next customer that comes through the door.

Expose your business to new customers with Melumi app.

Melumi app makes it easy for you to get new customers, because getting on the app your business will get expose to plenty new potential customers. Your current customer base can choose you as a “favourite”, and have your profile placed on their frontpage, so they are only 3 clicks away from a booking. They can also more easily change & plan new bookings, which will in the end give you more bookings & less no-shows

Get the best overview with a dashboard.

With the Melumi dashboard you get to follow the number of bookings you are getting from online booking & the Melumi app. See how revenue is developing in current month compared to previous months and the whole year. With the Melumi app activated you can follow how bookings will repeatedly come in, and see how the number will grow in line with how many customers are using the app for planning their future bookings. It will give you a clear picture, so you can plan ahead and improve your revenue going forward.

Terminals are included in the package.

With the Melumi booking system, you have the opportunity to have your very own Melumi payment terminal, so that you can provide a coherent experience to your customers.

By choosing a Melumi payment terminal, we can ensure that payments are better connected to your booking system. We have the best price-model and transaction fee on the market, and you get it all on the same subscription with Melumi.

When it’s easy for you, it’s also easy for your customers.

Get started with Melumi today and sign up for free.

Online booking on website.

Online booking makes it easy for visitors to your website to book directly in your calendar and find a time that suits them. Integrate online booking into your website or use a direct link and see how your calendar fills up faster. From here, you can send them over to the Melumi App, so that your customer can become a “favourite”, and you can further improve the relationship & revenue.

Do you have any questions before you start?

If you have any doubts about setup, payment, package solution or anything else before you get started, you are welcome to write to our sales team