Get more frequent bookings & new customers.

Melumi app makes it easy for you to get new customers

The Melumi app, gives you access to the best possible audience for your business, because:

– Your loyal customers have your shop on their mobile, and can book fast with fewest clicks
– Users of the app have a high demand for selfcare, and therefore high demand for you
– You can get new customers that you can more easily convert to a loyal customer
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Make it easy for your current customers.

Your current customer base can choose you as a “favourite”, and have your profile placed on their frontpage, so they are only 3 clicks away from a booking. They can also more easily change & plan new bookings, which will in the end give you more bookings & less no-shows.

18% of total bookings from the app are new customers.

When you have activated your app on the booking system and uploaded images & descriptions to your profile, your business will become visible to all users on Melumi app. We also have a video-highlight area where we highlight selected Melumi Stars, that can get an extra marketing boost & exposure to all active users. We have estimated, that a business who has activated their current users on the app, can (on average) expect that 18% of all bookings from the app, are new users to a business. These users have a higher demand for selfcare, and therefore are potential customers with the highest lifetime value.

Do you have any questions before you start?

If you have any doubts about setup, payment, package solution or anything else before you get started, you are welcome to write to our sales team